Excited by new technology.

I spent yesterday at the headquarters of Panasonic as part of Intelligent Living Mums Blogger group. As I have mentioned before on here I really admire the philosophy behind this brand and their real desire to design products that make a difference to daily life. Its not all about what looks good but what saves you time. What serves its purpose.

Anyway while I was there yesterday we were shown a number of products that to be honest I was impressed with but one of the technologies that really caught my eye was the new fridge freezers.

At first I thought what could be so exciting about a fridge freezer. I mean it keeps produce cold, simply thats it. But I was so wrong.

Now you may think i’m crazy and yes that is debatable but to have fresh fruit and vegetables in my home it requires me visiting the supermarket at least three times a week. If I was to buy the amount I require on a Monday I can guarantee by the end of the week some of my stored food would have started to turn, started to brown and generally be not suitable for eating. So I either go shopping three times a week or I waste a load of food and still end up back at the shops.

So why am I excited well simply because of the new technology Panasonic have in their fridge freezers, Vitamin Safe.


Take a look

I personally think this is genius and with statistics showing that we throw away 7.2 million tones of food and drink from our homes every year I do believe this technology could be one that could be so beneficial for us all.

And with every fridge freezer having the Inverter technology they not only perform better they are more energy efficient which helps the environment and saves you money too.


Now can you see why I’m excited?


* Disclosure – I am part of the Panasonic Intelligent Living Mums blogger group. I attended workshops at Panasonic with my travel expenses paid.



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