Not Acceptable

Over the last two days I’ve been attending a training course. While on this course we were chatting about what we class as acceptable behavior and I was very surprised by what people feel is acceptable.

Ignoring people

Verbal abusing people

Walking away without answering

All of the above was classed as acceptable.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but they are so not acceptable.


Now in the case of what my training was about children in care some of the above and much more are understandable.

But there is a big difference between understandable and acceptable.

Yet the truth is outside this training and here in the real world what is seen as acceptable is changing dramatically.

Take for example manners how many times have you stood in a queue saw a cashier serve someone and never hear the word thank you cross the customers lips.

In a restaurant when a waiter brings foods I have seen diners never even raise their heads let alone whisper a word of thanks.

How many emails have you received without the proper signing off. A regards or best wishes goes a long way.

Go into a school and listen to the way pupils verbally abuse teachers.

How or why did we get here?

Because we allowed it to become acceptable.

I know personally I’m going to try my hardest to use my manners at all times.

To make people’s day with a respectful thank you or I really appreciate your hard work.

I think it’s about time we started a revolution of manners.

Join me Vive la Revolution







2 thoughts on “Not Acceptable

  1. I’m considered “old fashioned” because I’m polite and show that to everyone, (Well nearly everyone, that woman who nearly ran me over the other day didn’t get the polite me…), I’ve taught my children the same and hopefully we’ll all make the difference! Vive la Revolution!


  2. Hey Sarah,
    You are sooooo right; these are not acceptable –
    Ignoring people
    Verbal abusing people
    Walking away without answering

    Apathy & ignoring are definitely killing us as humans.
    Cheers, ic


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