My Electric Nemesis

When we talk about electrical appliances which ones do we find that we have a love hate relationship with?

Is it the iron as it looks at you from behind a terrifying load of washing.

Is it the Toaster as the smell of burnt toast enters your nostrils.

Maybe, but for me it has to be my alarm clock, my electrical nemesis. Every morning it goes off like clockwork waking me to start my day, disturbing my beauty sleep which is so very needed.

I hate it with a vengeance but I’m sure I couldn’t survive without it. In fact I know I couldn’t. I love my bed way to much. The children would be late for school, meetings would be missed and so much more.

Alarm clocks come in all shapes and sizes.

You have traditional ones like this one here…230446291

Ones that have radios and a Ipod/Iphone dock so you can wake to your favourite tunes.


Or this fantastic one which I really love as it wakes you up in a natural way. I like this idea as I find my alarm clock shocks me into the starting the day.



Seriously you are spoiled for choice. But for me the best part of any alarm is definitely the snooze button.

Five more minutes please.

* This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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