Taking responsibility

I was reading the news yesterday and I was shocked at the lack of responsibility the world seems to take for its actions.

The gun is blamed for gun crime, yet I’ve never since a gun shoot itself.

The drugs are blamed for addiction but I’ve never seen a drug just jump up into someone’s mouth on its own.

The Internet is blamed for porngraphy yet people are the ones who hit search.

Social networking is an invasion of people’s privacy yet that’s only if people choose to tell the world everything.

It’s crazy as don’t get me wrong there is an evil in all the above and in many more things but the denial of self responsibility is the greatest evil.

This world needs a big shake up, it’s so easy to blame others, try and shift the blame, dirty the waters.

But what about truth?

What about honesty?

The beauty in confession.

Not one of us is perfect

We all fail

But maybe just maybe if we accepted more self responsibility there maybe less heartbreak in this world.

Less murder

Less crime

Less addiction

Lets take responsibility for how we act. Society can and will lead us to the moment of circumstance that requires us to do the right thing.

At that moment let our decisions be our own and let us take the consequence or joy of our own responsibility.

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