I really shouldn’t start looking.

As the weather starts to change and the days become longer I start feeling the need to refresh my home, my wardrobe and to get out and about more.

So when I find myself browsing on the John Lewis site i found it very easy to create myself a wish list.

One of the first jobs I have planned is decorating my foster son’s bedroom, but its hard choosing a range which is suitable for his age range which isn’t about cartoon characters that he has no interest in.

So I was excited to come across the Happy Landings Range, this is so stunning. It has colours which are bright but not in your face.


I love this duvet.

I have also just recently finished decorating my living room and was searching for some nice accessories just to add to it and maybe just add an air of light to the room.

I came across this butterfly cushion and it is simply beautiful, I think it would look fantastic on my sofa.


Add these curtains and i think I may actually have the perfect room.000082371alt1

Though maybe this may be needed as well it is so cute


But seriously I could go crazy, too much choice, I mean look at all these cutes vases. I wasn’t aware that you could have such a selection, maybe its the year the old glass jug gets retired.

As you all know I have recently started to enjoy baking and of course this led me to actually enjoy experimenting with food a lot more. But every good chef, ok any novice chef needs good tools so I think I have actually decided that I have a absolute need for this set of saucepans. Not sure the hubby agrees though. What do you think, it is a need right?


Seriously it was dangerous for me to start looking over this website. So far I have found a new bathroom range I like including new towels, I have lusted over the clothes for all my family and have added to my dream make-up kit greatly.

But this I’ve emailed over to my husband just in case he has forgotten Sunday is ‘Mothers Day’ and he is feeling super generous. Isn’t it just beautiful, I think I am in love.


Seriously I have spent ages just dreaming and choosing things I would like and all online or under one roof that’s my kind of shopping, thank you John Lewis.




* This is a sponsored post but all choices are my own.







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