Brit mums Live 2013 – SPONSORSHIP NEEDED

So if you are part of the social networking world or have even only dipped a little toe in. I am sure you are well aware of the forthcoming BritMums Live, a conference for bloggers to get together, inspire, inform and encourage each other.

BritMums Live! is a two-day blogger event that has grown out of BritMums, the UK’s largest parent blogger community, made up of more than 3,000 influential bloggers.


I have attended BritMums and Cybermummy before that for the last two years and have had a great time and learned loads.

So it’s no surprise when I say I want to go this year( feel free to imagine me stamping my feet in a pappy manner).

But unfortunately like most things in life there is a cost involved and this is the real reason I’m writing this post.

I am after sponsorship to attend BritMums live.


For sponsorship to the above event I would be happy to offer………

An introductory blog post about your Brand/Product in my blog post about Brit Mums Live 2013.

The promotion of your website on my twitter and Facebook page at regular intervals in the lead up to BritMums Live and afterwards.

In my twitter updates during the conference.

This means that your product/brand will be seen by my twitter followers, and also on my facebook pages both my blog and my personal one and of course the monthly 4000+ visitors to my blog site.

I will also offer a” AD”for your product/brand on my blog from now until six months after the conference.

Also in any other blog post I write regarding Britmums Live I will include that “I was sponsored by x” and a link to your website.

I’m also willing to host reviews and competitions before and after the conference too.

Walking with Angels is a blog that is known for wearing its heart on its sleeve, what you read on these pages is heartfelt and all completely my own view. My readers have grown to realise that I am passionate and loyal and whatever I promote on my blog I actually believe in.

Besides the writing here on my own blog I have written for Compassion Uk, Disability charities and fostering publications. I have also had articles published at Urban Vox and other online and print magazines.

So if you would be interested in sponsoring me to attend BritMums Live 2013 please contact me at




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