My beautiful quilt

Growing up I was a big fan of television programmes like The Walton’s and The Little House on the Prairie. I just loved the old world charm and the innocence of them all. They were as far from my life as you could imagine.

One of the things I used to admire was the patchwork quilts that were to be found on the beds, sofas over the arms of the grandmas.

My dream was to one day have my own family and to create one of these beautiful quilts for my children.

Well like always dreams go astray from time to time. I did in fact get the beautiful family but quilt making wasn’t going to happen,the fact that I struggle to thread a needle maybe be the barrier.

Thankfully I came across a wonderful blog called The Larger Family and one of the business Tania runs is Sullivan Country Crafts and to my complete joy quilt making.

Tania was fantastic, she listened to my dreams and how I had always imagined the quilt to be and searched for the right material and pattern.


When my quilt arrived I can tell you I cried on opening it.

It was better than I could of ever imagined. The material is of such a high quality and the craftsmanship is simply OUTSTANDING

Already this quilt is loved and my girls are now arguing over who inherits it. (bless them).

It is totally perfect and even my husband commented on its beauty and he is a man.

Anyway if you fancy owning one of your own beautiful quilts pop on over to Sullivan Country Crafts and let Tania create your heirloom.

I promise you won’t be disappointed

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