Words & Numbers

Can you love words and numbers?

Or is it a right brain, left brain kind of thing.

At school I didn’t mind maths lessons and even at times found algebra rather fun, but balancing accounts and spreadsheets is like a personal torture.

Numbers require so much concentration for me, where as words just fly of the page like music on a song sheet.

In fact I cannot remember learning to read, I know I was an early reader thanks to the many hours spent with my grandad on his lap.


Books are my escape, I’m not sure i would have survived childhood if it wasn’t for the sanctuary I found between the pages.

I remember the mobile library coming every Thursday and the joy of choosing my eight books to read for that week. I can promise you they were all read and at times come Tuesday I was resorting to reading my brothers books or even worse my moms mills and boons.

Today I’m no different, my husband calls our bedroom a fire hazard , my sister calls it a library.

I may not read eight books a week anymore but I still get through two or three a week.


My mom used to say I would read the back of cereal packet and that’s true,I’ve also been known to read about the male prostrate while waiting in the doctors surgery.

Books are my utopia and while the invention of the kindle has brought me a little more bedroom space I still love the feel and smell of a new book.

I can’t count the amount of times I have been rudely awoken by a hardback on my nose, you know the one when you fall asleep reading and then the book falls from your grasp to whack you right on your nozzle.

Words are my passion, words are my escape, words are my freedom.

I’m so grateful for the ability to read and have made sure that books were around my girls from an early age. Together we have been on great adventures, solving mysteries with the famous five, off to boarding school with Malory towers.

Books can take you around the world.

Where are your books taking you today ?


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