My new love

It’s been a well known fact that I’m far from domesticated. I hate housework and cooking and I have never really been on good terms.

Well this was the case until late last year when my youngest decided she wanted to learn to bake.

So under the careful instruction of a dear friend we ventured out into the world of banana loaf.

To be honest I never expected the joy I felt when my husband and my kids loved the loaf that I had made. It was such a sense of achievement but to be honest I still didn’t really get this baking lark until the delivery of my new love.

The Panasonic microwave,grill & convection oven

Now I first fell in love with this oven last year at Brit mums the guys on the Panasonic stand did a fantastic job of convincing me of my need for one but unfortunately my bank balance didn’t stretch to what my husband considered another whim of mine. (Did I mention I hated cooking).

So when I became a Panasonic blogger I was secretly hoping that the combi/oven was going to be one of our products to review.

So as you can imagine when this box was delivered to my door in December I admit to being rather emotional.


But like all things the idea of something and the actual thing can be quite different. My husband had remarked that I like the idea of being able to bake but the actual doing is another thing all together.


Well I’m proud to tell you he is so wrong.


The Panasonic combi/ oven is so easy to use that I am really loving baking and cooking.



So far I have made more banana loaf, cooked my Christmas dinner in it, glazed gammon, apple and cinnamon muffins and of course the well loved Choc chip and double Choc chip muffins too and only this week I’ve made banana muffins and cheese and potato pie.


Even my husband is a convert to the combi oven now after to quote him “the most perfect 6 jacket potatoes ever.”

The ease of use of this combi is amazing. It is seriously so simple, I mean I’ve used it !!!!

I cannot tell you how much fun I am having in the kitchen nowadays and how excited I am getting over new recipes. I’ve even brought recipe books.

It’s like I’ve been opened up to a new world.

So feel free you link me up to some recipes and check out the Panasonic site and marvel at the combi ovens seriously I love mine and they are well worth the investment as my main oven is now almost obsolete along with the gas it was using. Every penny counts.


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