My One Word for 2013

Again it’s  time for me to think about one word I wish to be my focus for 2013.

Last year was easy I knew I had to step out in faith and trust.

In reflection I do wonder if I have achieved it, did I let people get close to me? Maybe not to the extend I hoped but I have made friendships that I treasure.

But for 2013 what is it that I want for myself, what word will define all my expectations and desires.

I’ve stumbled over this word the last week or so, praying, contemplating and praying some more.

You see it came easy to me and when something comes easy I am naturally suspicious.

But after all my prayers and my quiet times I do think that it is supposed to be my word.

So without further deviation my word for 2013 is simply STRONG 



The end of 2012 has left me feeling weak both in body and spirit. I’m tired to my bones and the very edges of my soul.

I’m depending on my own strength at all times and not coping at all. What’s worse is that I know better, I can’t live this life on my own strength I need to live through the strength Jesus offers me.

But I’m a slow learner even now nearly four years of coming to faith I am still stumbling at the core values of my belief.

My head knows but somehow my heart keeps screwing up the message.

One of my favorite scriptures is

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”Philippians 4.13


Yet why don’t I turn to him?


Why don’t i trust in him?


So for 2013 my word is strong.


I need be strong in faith.

I want to live my faith in all that I do. My faith is more than just speaking its doing.


Strong in my identity

I need to learn to accept that it’s ok to be me with all my weird and wonderful eccentric bits.


Strong in my fight against the evil anxiety that has raised it’s wicked head again over the last few months.


Strong is accepting that I can not be everything to others and that allowing myself to be hurt doesn’t help myself or my family. Learning not to allow others to abuse my trust anymore.


Strong in accepting my health issues and working with them rather than against them.


Strong in my self worth,


I’m the first to put myself down, my own worst enemy. I need to stop this.


Strong in my ambition

I have to believe in my dreams, to believe in what I am capable of.


Strong in pushing myself forward.

I need to be  Strong 


A big thank you to Melanie @ Only A Breath  for my beautiful One word image xx


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