The Dark Knight Rises – Review




If you are after a family film that will please both the adults and the teenagers look no further than Warner Bros, The Dark Knight Rises.


“Eight years after assuming the blame for D.A Harvey Dent’s death, a disgraced Batman (Christian Bale) mysteriously vanished. But everything changes with the appearance of a cunning cat burglar (Anne Hathaway) and the arrival of the Bane (Tom Hardy), a ruthless madman. Bane’s reign of terror forces Bruce out of his self-imposed exile and into the ultimate battle for Gotham City’s survival…. and his own.”

First off let me be honest and simply say I love Batman from nearly naming my first born after Nicole Kidman’s character Chase I have been a fan for over 16 years.

I love the complexity of his character and this was certainly shown in this film. The inner battle between his Bruce Wayne identity and his Batman role certainly gets the amateur psychologist in me excited.

This film is dark but only to quote my husband “if you look for the darkness”. For the teens it was just a fun super hero film.

Anne Hathaway is fantastic as the Cat burglar not really reprising the role of Cat woman but you kind off expect she could. I admit I preferred this character rather than the being bitten by cats previous one.

Christian Bale certainly plays the role of Batman well, I will go out on a personal whim and say one of the best yet, his darkness of character is pretty amazing.

Tom Hardy as Bale was a weird one for me. I admit to wanting to know more about the character and although the ending explains certain things i was left wanting.

Both Michael Caine and Gary Oldman really added to the quality of this film both playing really convincing roles. Michael Caine just gets better with age.

The special effects  of the film are just awesome and the new Batman machines are pretty great too, not to far fetched as to be unbelievable, Is that good thing???

All in all The Dark Knight Rises is a fantastic film and I’m certainly glad to have it in my collection.


* I was given a copy of this dvd for the purposes of this review from Warner Bros, but all opinions are my own.

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