Looking for beauty

The world is an amazing place full of wonder.

I promise that somewhere in your eyesight right now is a image of beauty.

Be it in your child’s smile. A photo on the mantle piece, a image on your computer screen or just look up to the amazing sky.

Beauty is all around us.

What I love about beauty is that it is interpreted so differently, individually and in so many ways.

For myself I often see beauty in places others don’t.

I can cry at a piece of music while my husband looks at me as if saying “what is this?”.

I love old things that are starting to fade, decay. I see memories wrapped up in them. While my husband sees old and wrecked.

Beauty is personal. We each have a different definition of beauty.

But I have decided that for 2013 I want to emerge myself in beauty.

I want to capture beauty with my camera.

I want to listen to beauty with my ears.

I want to taste beauty with exquisite food.

I want to see beauty in my children’s laughter.

To many times we focus on the ugly in life.

I want to feel beauty, focus on beauty, live beauty.

And I wish the same for you, let’s look around more and rise above the ugly and embrace the beauty of this amazing world.


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