New Years Eve – Review

The miserable weather of this festive season has left us with many hours to fill indoors and thanks to Warner Bros i was at least able to fill a few hours of this cold miserable wet time.

One of the dvd’s we were given to review was the romantic comedy New Years Eve.



Firstly i have to say what a star studded cast, to quote my daughter there was eye candy for everyone.


The girls were impressed that it had Zac Efron and Ashton Kutcher and I am not to ashamed to say Bon Jovi wasn’t a yummy sight.  As for talent even in a small part Robert De Niro always offers a first class performance.


So seriously a very impressive cast list.


Without giving to much away the film is based on the experiences of different individuals on New Years Eve, somehow the stories are attached and at times when you think you know who is who and what is happening you do get thrown a curb ball to keep you interested.


It is a funny, sweet film, nothing that requires a lot of brain power which i was thankful for over this stress filled holiday.


It a film that lightens your day and lets you escape for a few hours. Not one worthy of an oscar but certainly worth a watch.


For me it was great to sit and relax with my girls and just giggle away an hour or two. Who doesn’t love a feel good movie that has love and romance in it.


My only downside was the argument the film caused over allowing my daughter to spend new years eve in London, it wasn’t going to happen no matter if the mom on the film allowed her daughter to be in Times Square at new year. Teenagers they will try anything.


Seriously though its a good film and I would recommend it, but please don’t expect greatness its just a fun film with a nice storyline and worth a watch.

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