Desperate – Sarah Mae, Sally Clarkson – Booksneeze

When the blurb on the book starts with the words “I just cant be a mother today” I knew i needed to read this book and guess what, I was right.



To be honest I have admired the writings of Sarah Mae for a while now, her story at times has been mine and so in her words i often find my heart. So I wasn’t surprised by how great this book is yet not knowing that much about Sally Clarkson i feel that i have been doubly blessed.


This is a book that allows you to be honest in a raw here I am way. Its written in a way that not only encourages you to be transparent but comforts you as you do so.


It isn’t a parenting to do book but a book that holds you in a way that restores your heart.


The first chapter of this book left me in tears, Sarah Mae’s words are so close to my heart that my restraint just fell away. She understands, she knows, she has lived and her honesty about it is so refreshing.


Sally Clarkson is the woman we all wish we had in our life, she doesn’t pretend to have all the answers but will love you as you find them. Her wisdom, her guidance is something I wish all new mothers and older mothers like myself wish they had given to them with their pre-natal vitamins.


I’ve raised four children and at one time had four under five and I’ve been there knee deep in nappies and baby-grows. I’ve also tried and failed to live the life of a perfect mother. This book shows us why, simply there is no such thing as a perfect mother, just a mom who is perfect right there as she is trying her best to raise her children in a home full of love and laughter.


Expectations are the words of the enemy when they cause us to grieve if we cannot reach them. The whisperings in your ears that you aren’t good enough is the voice of the enemy. Ignore them and read this book.


So many books have been written about parenting that after you have read them you are left feeling dismayed and not good enough.That method that should work doesn’t for your child.


This isn’t a fault not everything works for every child.


The simple truth is you know your child, your know what works in your life.


The videos that come alongside at the end of the chapters are such a welcome, as you get to see the respect between Sarah and Sally. To hear them remind you of the chapter and also reiterate that you are loved.


The exercises aren’t hard or hard work but really do help you focus and plan.


Desperate is a parenting book like no other, it is the best friend who calls you to remind you that you are doing an awesome job.


Its the wisdom that guides but not dictates.


Its a blessing


This is seriously a beautiful book, written by two beautiful people.




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