The Polar Express – Review

Over the Christmas period we have tried to wind down in the evening with a good dvd, and thanks to my Christmas box from Warner Brothers last night I finally sat and watched  “The Polar Express.”

To be honest it did receive a mixed reaction from my household, with the majority of us loving it but the hubby wasn’t that impressed and fell asleep half way through. Personally i don’t think this had anything to do with the movie and more to do with him being a lazy bum.


Anyway back to the film, not to spoil the story but it is based on a young boy who has started to lose faith in Santa Claus growing up has him deciding to only believe in what he can see.


Enter in a magical train and a trip to the North Pole.

I love the magic of Christmas and while I have never made to much emphasis on the legend of Santa I love the season for its cheer and good will and this film has them in abundance.


The effects on the film are outstanding, at times the animation was so real that sometimes i forgot it wasn’t real.


It is a fantastic story which would be perfect to settle down to with the kids on Christmas eve or any night to be honest.


My youngest loved it and to quote my eldest daughters teenage boyfriend “its a classic”



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