Pieces of Silver

I took my necklaces off tonight.

They aren’t just any old necklaces they were my heart wrapped up in pieces of silver.

My cross baring an open dedication of my faith and the chain also holding Livvys ring, that tiny little ring full of memories and giggles. Taking us back to that jewellers in Tenby and certain stubborn young lady knowing which one she wanted and the giggles as she stuck her hand up for any stranger than walked by as if to say , look at my new ring.


My portrait of Livvy immortalised in a silver charm, my dog tag of identity Livvy’s mom


As I said two special necklaces.

But tonight I felt the need to lay them safe for a while in the jewellery box.

Livvys ring is starting to wear from the constant use and the questions of “is that your daughter ” are starting to wear at my soul.

Yes that is my daughter and yes I miss her desperately but you know what I’m a mom to four amazing daughters.

I want to celebrate in this. In their own individual crazy way these beautiful girls are the light of my life. The essence of my heart.

I have to stop the grief from holding me in the past and allow myself to embrace the future.

The truth is I don’t need a chain or a portrait to carry Livvy with me she is in every breathe that I take, in every beat of my heart just like her sisters,all four of them.

A mothers love has no bounds.

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