Panasonic ES-Sl4 men’s electric shaver -Review

With Christmas fast approaching you may be searching for that perfect gift for your husband, son, brother.

Maybe I can help you in your quest here is the Panasonic ES-SL4-A electric shaver with its Milano 3-Blade system A Wet & Dry Men’s Shaver with Arc Foil (Italian Design)


Imagine a shave so soft and close it feels like a kiss. Our new Milan designed ES -SL41 glides over the curves of your face giving you such a gentle shave. On the run, or under the shower, the „Milano“ Wet/Dry shaver offers a close, quick, comfortable shave. The Milano’s easy to clean, water-through head, ensures hygiene and functionality – giving you a fresh shave every day. Experience an exceptionally close shave without the scrapes and discomfort of traditional wet shaving. Start your day with an arousing Panasonic experience.

I was given one of these to review for Panasonic and considering I don’t have the facial hair required for the job I roped in the husband and he became my human Guinea pig.

The first thing Alan requested was that I allowed him a few weeks to test out this shaver it seems that your skin reacts differently over time and you have to allow it time to get used to the new shaver. That was fine and now a few weeks on here is Alan’s opinion on the Panasonic Shaver.

Alan’s verdict

“Using a triple blade system was new for me as I had been using circular blades previously but I was genuinely surprised at the closeness of the first shave.

I was also really impressed with how close to skin the razor was allowing me to shave more often without the dragging of my skin.

I found this shaver best to use on a daily basis and did struggle a little when I had a few days growth. But even then the shaver got there in the end.

I also liked having a wet shave with this shaver a pleasant change and left my skin feeling refreshed too.

One of my favourite things was the ease in which you can wash it, so simple.

Not a bad shaver all in all. But personally I think it’s more suited to the younger generation as at times my hair was too coarse for the blades.”

So a thumbs up from Alan.

So there you have it, fancy treating the man in your life this Christmas check out the Panasonic ES-SL41-A. Or browse the Panasonic website for some more great gift ideas for all the family.

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