This last week I’ve had been ill thanks to a viral infection. All I have wanted to do is sleep or have cuddles, thankfully my little one has been happy to share hugs and even at times my teens have conceded.

As I’ve been resting I’ve been thinking a lot about touch and how as humans we really need it.

From the moment we are born we need to feel our mom close to our skin and science has actually proven that the feel of his mother skin to skin gives the child strength.

Though at times touch has different meanings.

Take for example the holding of a hand, it is something we do when we are in love and is a way of saying he or she is mine.

But when we are parents it’s also a way of holding on to our child to keep them safe.

Or what about when a person is in pain, facing a loss or going through difficulties the holding of their hand is simply saying “I’m here”.

Touch is a unspoken language which can mean different things at different times.

I find it amazing how much touch can restore your soul.

My daughters hugs are a healing balm, for me just one cuddle can make the world a better place,is a reminder of the gift of life.

But i am also reminded though how often touch is abused. Violence, sexual assault and so much more.

Like words, touch can build one up and can also tear one down ,but unlike the mental damage of words touch leaves lasting physical damage and it can and does kill.

It’s crazy in this world, it seems everything can used for either good or evil.

In whatever we do, in whatever we say we face a moral choice.

Have you ever considered that?

Maybe it’s just me and my over thinking.

The balance of good and evil!

In every decision we make, we have a choice to be good and to either love and cherish others or we can choose to harm and tear others apart.

Touch can restore, touch can harm.

Words can uplift, words can destroy.

It’s crazy this paradox of life.

The dual purpose of everything, in everything.

The reality of free will.


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