Weight watchers- not working for us

I haven’t blogged about my weight watchers journey for the last few weeks and the reason for this is simple , I haven’t got anywhere.

I can see how weight watchers can work for many but personally I have really struggled.
It’s the portion control I have a problem with, not the size of the portion just the time needed to measure or record.
Maybe the last few weeks have been over hectic but for me to stick to the weight watchers diet requires energy and time two things I have been lacking it a lot.
Creating meals for a family of six Is hard enough as it is without having to measure or weigh things out.
The diet has brought a lot of attention to weight in my home and with three girls two teens and one with real body issues I have had to be really careful.
We have raised our children to eat healthy and it’s very rare you would find junk food in my home but putting a lot of attention on to portion control has left one of my teens a little over obsessed by what they eat and what they weigh.
So although I am well aware that I need to lose weight I need a diet that’s a little less controlled and a little less  in your face.
Weight watchers in a fantastic diet if you thrive on control but for my chaotic world it just isn’t working.

One thought on “Weight watchers- not working for us

  1. Sorry to hear it isn’t working for you hun. I admit I’ve had trouble with it too, but more because of emotionally eating and not planning ahead.
    It must be tough cooking for six and keeping an eye on what you’re eating xx


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