Booksneeze – Grace


I am a fan of Max Lucado’s books and have many including his children’s books so i was excited to read and review his book Grace.

I really found myself being challenged by this book, having to reread parts again wondering if I had really understood what I was reading.

Grace is something I have struggled with I try to earn it. Max drove home that Grace is given and by trying to earn it I’m taking away the beauty of this amazing gift.

My believing that I have to be perfect to receive God’s love is not understanding the enormity of the cross.

In this book Max doesn’t hold his punches, he takes my, our excuses and tears them into and shows them up as the lies of the enemy.

The book holds us to account over our overuse of the word Grace without any real understanding.

The study guide is an extra gift that I have enjoyed working my way through.

I recommend this book as another Max Lucado book worth having.

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