A Sisters Heart

Dear everyone

Please help me and my family to find a cure for this terrible disease called Rett syndrome.

Four years ago my sister Olivia aged nine passed away by this horrible disease. Olivia was my best friend she used to drop her toys on the floor on purpose so I would go to pick them up ,then she would yank my hair and laugh but I didn’t care because she was my sister and I miss her so much.

I wish I could see her smile and give her a huge hug so badly.

Earlier on my mom told me that her friends daughter passed away from Rett syndrome she went to sleep and never woke. This is the same as my sister.

Each day more girls are being born with this syndrome.

Now my mom’s friends daughter was only five and even though we had Olivia for nine whole years it doesn’t seem enough.

The other day I told my mom that please don’t take this the bad way but in a way I’m happy Olivia died because the fact is she is no longer in pain. I worry all the time of the pain the girls are in. Livvy suffered so much.

Please help us as we try and raise funds to pay for the research into the cure for Rett Syndrome.

Please find it in your heart to make a donation no matter how much it is you can help save somebody’s life.

If you see or hear that another girl has died has died of Rett syndrome i ask yourself to put yourself in that girls families shoes. Can you imagine how you would be feeling ,how your heart would be broken?

Please please think of others today and help us fight against Rett Syndrome.

Any donation would be amazing.

My mom suggested to make a donation to Rett syndrome research trust instead of sending Christmas cards.

I asked for donations instead of Christmas presents but mom said only one.

Please please help stop this horrible syndrome. I miss Livvy so much and don’t want another brother or sister to cry like I do.

To donate visit the website http://www.reverserett.org.uk/

Anything will be received with such love from our family and from our hearts up above.

Thank you

Brodie xxx

*this was written by my 11 year old daughter, I only added the link.

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