Review – Tom & Jerry and Scooby Doo

The last week or so my family have been busy reviewing some Warner bros DVDs. As for the most part it’s my children’s opinions that form my review I’ve decided that at times to let them describe their experience.

Hey I get them to practise their writing skills, you get to hear a review from the children who are likely to watch these films.

So here we go…

Tom & Jerry Tricks & Treats


The Tom and Jerry dvd is really good, it is very funny and interesting to watch, there are many episodes so it is always entertaining. I would say its suitable for any ages because there is no bad language or anything little kids shouldn’t be exposed too at a young age.

The main description of the film is that a cat and mouse are always fighting and the cat always loses to the mouse and it is very funny to watch them fight with each other but event though they fight they do like each other really.

Overall i think it is a good entertaining film for kids or adults to watch and is very good to watch as a family film. I would defiantly recommend this film, to lots of people.

Eden .15

Scooby Doo Big Top


Scooby Doo is a great film. It is funny and fabulous because it has both scary and funny parts. It is great how it connects everything together from the circus to the werewolf . The gang solves mysteries and when the owner of the circus says “This might be an actual werewolf” and nobody looks shocked the circus owner goes really “you’re not surprised I was being so dramatic” then Velma goes “oh we solve mysteries its kinder a hobby” the he goes “mysteries? Stamp collecting is a hobby.”

And also another funny part is when the owner of the circus throws garlic at the werewolf I mean that’s for vampires so silly.

So yes it is a great film and lots of funny sections I recommend it for any child over the age of six at least because there are some scary parts in it.

But altogether it is a great film.

Brodie 11.

So there you go both films were enjoyed by all the family children and adults alike.

Good family entertainment

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