Review – Pop Party 10


We are a family of music lovers and you can guarantee that at any time you will hear music coming from one room in our house.

Our tastes vary from Victoria Justice to Guns N Roses.

So when we were asked if if we fancied reviewing Pop party 10 I jumped at the chance.

Pop party CDs have been a successful compilation for a while now due to its up to date variety of tunes.

Pop party 10 offers you Carly Rae Jepson alongside Katy Perry. Maroon 5 along side Justin Bieber.

When i agreed to review this cd i was only expecting it to be a hit with my 11 year old but due to the variety I found my 15 and 16 year olds singing along.

For me it’s real value had been in the car it has stopped at the constant arguing over the radio station for at least one journey and as a mom that is such value for money.

The added bonus from Pop party 10 must be from the included DVD. My 11 year old has loved watching the music videos and dancing around the living room to it.

If I had one complaint about this cd it has to be the fact that the first song was PSY – Gangman style. I really cannot stand this song but my daughters along with the rest of the country seem to love it.

So seriously if you are searching for a great stocking filler for your kids I would certainly recommend Pop Party 10, it is fun full of annoyingly upbeat catchy songs.

If you don’t believe me here’s what my 11 year old had to say about the cd.

POP PARTY 10 is a great cd plus DVD it has great songs really fun songs and great music videos.

It really gets you jumping up and down and it has a funky front cover

The CD is really fun and features famous pop stars like Justin Bieber, Olly Murs and Tulisa and lots more.

If I hadn’t got it now I would of asked my mom for it.

It’s a great cd with really good clear sound and great vision on DVD .

It is completely a fantastic CD and DVD you should buy it as soon as you can.

Also it has lyrics to most of the songs on the booklet and it tells you which of the song videos are in the DVD for you to watch.

I would recommend it to any child or even adult. Completely amazing no problems about anything.

Brodie xxx

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