Sixteen Years

Today I celebrate 16 years of marriage.


16 years ago I married a gorgeous man I get to call mine.


Its been a turbulent 16 years, we have experienced incredible highs alongside some devastating lows.


Love has been shared with pain


Laughter lost to tears.


Life has tested us in so many ways, but together we have passed with distinction.


When we first met so many people said we wouldn’t last,


We are so different,


Yet at our core we are so very alike.


We love with all our hearts


Our children are our world


and loyalty has no ends.


I know without a doubt how blessed I am to have Alan as my husband.


God gave me a great gift in him.


I don’t know what the future holds


But I do know that Alan and I will face it together.


Today, tomorrow, forever


Alan I love you.xx

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