The Penguin King




“With 3D you can convey the reality of what’s in front of the camera in a much more powerful way than ever before”
– Sir David Attenborough

In Cinemas on 24th October 2012

This magical film is a must see for any family.

One of the perks of my blogging is the reviews I get to do and as one of our family favourite things to do is curling up on the sofa together and watching DVD’s.

So when we were offered a copy of the film “The Penguin King”we were all rather excited and one no more so than my 11 year old Brodie. Penguins are one of the things she shared with her late sister Livvy so can you can imagine they are dear to her sweet heart.

But to be honest “The penguin king” was rather a surprise to my Brodie as she didn’t expect it to be a film with real life footage. But that didn’t stop her enjoying it as it was very interesting and the imagery was truly stunning, but let me hand you over to my beautiful daughter who offered to write the review herself and in her own words.

Penguin King

The Penguin King is a nature film about the life cycle of a male penguin. It starts with a male penguin who falls in love with a female penguin. So he waddles over and starts beginning to try to win her over as he stretches high and then bows and the female penguin bowed back which is the sign to show that she wants to start a family with him. So next they find a settled spot to nest and lay their egg. Next is where they start to peck each over. Then when the egg is laid the male father stays where he was and sits on the egg to keep it warm. When the female penguin goes out to collect fish to feed thier chick when he hatches. Eventually the male and female are needed to find fish However, whilst they were out fishing a kind of killing bird came over and started to head over to the chick, just in time the male penguin comes waddling over to protect his baby thankfully was saved his chick. But sadly when the female penguin was fishing, she was being chased by a killer whale. The female penguin suddenly stopped to look for shore but immediately a killer whale took the chance a gulped up the female penguin.Later on the male and chick where wondering when the mother penguin was returning the male penguin thought how will he raise a chick all by himself. Sadly the female penguin never returned. This is what I reviewed from the Penguin King and I learned many new things about nature thank you for sending me the film.


* We were send a copy of the ” The Penguin King” to review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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