20 Seconds

I was watching the film “We brought a Zoo” the other night with my daughter. When the father talks to his son about the fact that it takes only 20 seconds of insane courage to achieve great things in life. It was a emotion that really struck at my heart as such a truth.


So many times I have felt myself in situations where I have been so scared to walk through a door, to get on a train, to approach someone. Lets be honest this list could be endless.

Yet from somewhere I have somehow found the courage to walk through the doorway, to jump on board the train and to say hello.

It’s those moments of committal that count when you know you cannot go back or walk away.

It’s those moments that have become memories I’ve cherished, ambitions I’ve accomplished, and friendships I’ve made.

So yes 20 seconds of insane courage can bring you more than you can ever imagine!

So if you are standing on the edge holding back through fear, remember just 20 seconds could change your life.

Go for it!


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