Weight watchers, Back to best

So I finally managed to get into boots today for my weigh in. After a horrific week of stomach flu and barely eating I was gutted to find that I hadn’t lost anything. Not one stinking pound.

To be perfectly honest I’m really struggling with the diet. It’s the weighing and measuring that I’m just not finding the time to do.

The app is still useful but I think I’m using it more as a guideline that an exact science.

But I’m not giving up, I’m still going to persevere and maybe a week of sleep and good health will make all the difference.

BritMums - Back2best Challenge

One thought on “Weight watchers, Back to best

  1. Aw sorry to hear you’ve been poorly and are losing heart. I hope you manage to get back in the swing of it and keep up the good work. It’s always a bit disappointing when you haven’t lost anything but maybe this week will be better?


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