A normal Monday to Friday !!

What a week I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster and i’m walking about lost and disordinated. I’m bone weary, the evil stomach virus struck and has robbed me of the little reserves I had left.

Yet life has to carry on, I’m not allowed to be weak its a case of just pull yourself together girl and get on with it.

But what is it?..

The question is haunting me at this time.


I’m juggling too many balls and soon they will drop.

This week I’ve managed to pass my first aid course, take my daughter into a recording studio and complete a newspaper interview and subsequent photos.

Oh and don’t forget the parenting of teens and the caring of a child with disabilities

And the stomach flu.

Yes just a typical Monday to Friday.

So yes I’m tired, I’m weary and I haven’t yet finished.

How do you all find the strength to do everything? To be everything to everyone.

The roles we play are slowly taking over the person I am.

I need head space but all I can think of is un answered emails, unsent thank you cards. Unbought birthday cards.

I need time to not think. Not to be

My brain feels like a clock constantly ticking, the tick tock chime echoing in my mind.

I lie in bed writing lists in my head, praying for a sleep that alludes me.

Tick tock


One thought on “A normal Monday to Friday !!

  1. I don’t. I can’t be everything to anybody; none of us can. And sometimes we just have to step back, point to the only One who can be Everything to everybody, and let them fill the gap themselves.


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