The Call of a Coward- Booksneeze


When the Moston Family hear the call from God they pack up their typical American home and find themselves driving along the atrocious life defying roads of Guartamla.

They hope to work hard and make a difference to bring the love of God to the Mayan people in a world with no telephones Internet or even a reliable postal service. But as we know the bible has no boundaries it cannot reach.

After packing up and moving to Guartalma no one is more surprised than the family to find themselves heading back to the US in less than a year. Weak from a severe bound of hepatitis and disillusioned from life the family cross the border and fall back into their old life with such a familiarity that Marcia wonders what it had all been about.

Had God planned for this to happen? How can she be expected to live Guartamla behind her how can she rid her heart of this unfinished feeling.

Turning to God she prays to return to Guartalma and finish what they started. So when her brother asks them to come to Vermont to help grow a small rural church she is sure that this isn’t in the plan. So in a challenge to God she ironically stated that if I hear a Spanish speaking person in Vermont I know this is where you are calling me. So after the visit she is sure that its not for her but like always God has the bigger plan and when the last person they meet greets them in Spanish she knows her plan is his.

This is one amazing book that shows the depth of courage and faith the Moston family have and also even when we think we know the plans God has for us we can be genuinely be surprised.

This is book that I recommend whole heartily, It is well written in a wonderful manner that takes you along with the family on their courageous journey.

I review for BookSneeze®

*I received this Ebook free to review from Booksneeze, but all opinions are my own.

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