The Perfect Tattoo

This Saturday my husband and I attended Tattoo Jam 2012 held at Doncaster race course. It is a fantastic event held in high regard by tattoo artists and tattoo lovers alike the second category I certainly fall into.

I had gone to the event with two motives one simply to enjoy myself and two to check out the three tattoo artists I had narrowed down to in my search for a tattooer to tattoo a portrait of my late daughter Olivia.

To be perfectly truthful I still cannot believe how the day turned out. I never intended to come home with a tattoo and it never crossed my mind that I would be getting my portrait done.

But that is exactly what happened!

I introduced myself to one of the tattooist off my list and straight away I felt this was the guy, his smile when he saw Livvy just lifted my heart and call it instinct, call it messages from heaven I haven’t a clue but something in my head was saying ‘ trust him”.

Now that may sound over dramatic “trust him” but it had taken me three years of searching and building up the courage to have this tattoo done. This was Livvy after all it had to be perfect I simply couldn’t cope if it wasn’t just as she was.

So even after having this feeling of this is the guy I still went an checked out the other two artists on my list. Nothing, I felt nothing don’t get me wrong amazing talented artists but not the one.

So anyway we decided to see when he was next free and maybe chat about a trip down to see him when he surprised me by saying RIGHT NOW.

What , seriously was I going to do this right now. Alan laughed at me this ” right now ” had been years in searching and planning. He was right this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. It wasn’t me walking into a shop just because, this was thought about, this mattered.

So there I was lying on a tattoo couch for 5 hours watching an amazing array of people go by.

The Tattoo Jam is a fantastic place not just to appreciate the art on walls but also on the human canvas’s around us.

It was weird it was wonderful and I loved it. There was graffiti art, a tattoo museum, a man drilling through his face and so much. I was in awe it was an incredible place.

I got to chat to some fantastic people as I sat there being tattooed, but no one was more fantastic that my tattooer Przemk. This man is an incredible artist but also a real genuine guy. He made sitting for about five hours of pain actually pleasant. The care and dedication he puts into is work is something I haven’t come across before.

As for my tattoo I can’t explain how I felt when I saw it. I just sobbed, for one second I had my daughter right there back with me. He had captured her very essence in the tattoo, the twinkle in her eye, the little twist of her lips that showed up when she was planning mischief.

I cried, my husband cried. I was speechless it was beyond perfect.

I can not thank Przemk enough for this tattoo I now have Livvy with me wherever I go.

It is hard to describe my joy about my tattoo, perfect, amazing, incredible none of these words come close.

For me I won’t be tattooed by anyone else again, my husband is already planning to be booked in for his first ever tattoo.

So if you are considering getting a tattoo I heartily recommend you take a trip to the seaside town of Blackpool to The Dragon’s Den Studio because Przemek is in a class of his own. If you don’t believe me check out my tattoo…..



Also if somehow this doesn’t convince you of Przemek talent check out the shops Facebook page for photos of some incredible art. The Dragons Den Tattoo Art Studio

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Tattoo

  1. Ooooooooohhhhh!!!! Sounds like an AWESOME event!!!!
    And I agree… The Tattoo looks perfect!!!!
    As for no more tats….. hummmm…. I think you should go on counting the story on tats! 🙂



  2. Kirstin

    Wow, that is amazing, beautiful tattoo of a beautiful little girl. I will check out Przemek’s other work too. I know my sister is after a portrait tattoo.

    I was at Tattoo Jam on Sunday, it was a great convention, both for the artists and the living, breathing canvas’s walking around.


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