The Race

I have been ill for the last week or so fibromylcia has been like  a snake bite spewing venom into my body.

Yet while the physical has been awfu,l spiritually I have been much worse.
I have forgotten to be thankful.
I have moaned an groaned about my pain and physical discomfort yet forgetful to be thankful that I am here that  I am not fighting a terminal disease. That my mind is still working.
I have grumbled at my husband forgetting how blessed I am to have him.
I have moaned about lack of quality time with him yet i take for granted the gift I have having him alongside me each day.
I have worried about finances yet not realising that the truth is I have more than enough.
I have allowed my girls to drive me to the brink of insanity with their teenage angst when I still cry out for the one who never got to be a teenager.
I have allowed myself to become of this world when the truth is I am not.
Sometimes I fail so miserably, I want, I desire, I crave yet I have so much. To say that this human nature is not an excuse. 
I need to be thankful in all that I do to remind myself of the gifts,the joys that bless my life.
I am so blessed and sometimes I need a gigantic kick to remember this.
The truth is I get caught up in the race of life that I forget to slow down and enjoy it.
I stop seeing the wonder in the nights sky, the lyrical majestic wandering of a well versed song or the ribbon curling of a gentle breathe.
I need to stop not just looking but seeing the beauty of God’s creation
I need to slow this life race down from the 100 metre sprint into the marathon. 
Enjoy, be thankful, be blessed.

  This post is a link up with Lisa-Jo’s Five minute Friday 

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