Weight Watchers back 2 best week 2

So its now the 2nd week of my Weight watchers challenge and to be honest I thought I was having a bad week. I’ve been busy with the traveling to London etc that I’ve been eating on the run. Not the best way to lose weight and monitor what I eat.


So I was rather nervous getting on the scales for my weekly weigh in, but some how I have managed to lose 3 lbs.


The weight watcher app has been really useful this week, having it on my phone has made me a little more accountable than if I had to go to my macbook every time to check points value of food items.


The app is rather fantastic it is so easy to monitor your daily points allowance and add food to the tracker.


The app is so easy to use I mean I have managed it easily and you know what i’m like. The search function allows you to find the actual food item for a lots of the meals you eat. If it doesn’t have the exact item it makes it very easy to work out the points value too.


The calculator allows you to add the protein, carbs, fat, fibre down to the precise measure, though to be honest i have yet to use this function yet.


My favorite part of the app is rightly named favorites it gives you the option of making foods you eat often a favorite and allows you to add it when required, for example I tend to eat the same breakfast at least three of four times a week so by having this as a favorite i don’t have to search each time to list it.


I am still not making the most of my weight watchers membership I need to find some time to look through the recipes and get some ideas for meals and especially for snacks.


I am getting so fed up of the food i’m eating and I am frightened that this will throw me off my target if I’m not careful as to be honest I don’t really need much help.


Though two weeks in and a weight loss of 7 lb. altogether is pretty awesome and keeping me motivated.

Want to trial the #wwback2best app for free? http://bit.ly/S3owga Make sure you switch over to the 1 month plan before your trial ends #sp

Try out the #wwback2best app for free for a week http://bit.ly/S3owga Switch over to the 1 month plan before your trial ends #sp

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