Weight Watchers Back 2 Best

One of my main issues when it comes to self confidence or should I say lack of self confidence Is down to me being overweight.


It feels like I’ve been large forever and I simply I hate it.


So now  Ive decided i am going to stop with the excuses. No more blaming the thyroid disease no more blaming the fibromyalgia and the medication I take. I have to take responsibility for the fact that I adore food and eat to much of it.


So as luck would have after making this deciton a few weeks ago I applied to be part of Brit Mums and Weight watchers Back to Best  Challenge and guess what I was chosen. Along with 20 other bloggers  I get to to trial Weight Watchers online membership for six months, using all the support Weight Watchers has to offer and also their new Weight Watchers app which you can find in your app store.


The plan allows you a certain amount of points daily and with the help of the app you monitor and guide your way towards weight loss.


I am really bad at dieting as soon as I hear the word ‘diet’ i’m hungry. Food is a real comfort to me so this isn’t going to be easy. But I am desperate to get myself somewhere near what I used to be. I want to be able to walk into a shop and find a size that fits.


So anyway thats my plan, I am going to follow the Pro points diet for the next six months and see how it goes.


If you fancy joining me in my quest to lose those excess pounds, Weight Watchers are offering you the change to try the online membership for a week at the trial price of £1 and the app for free. *Please note that the plan will renew after a week if you do not cancel it.



I’m not going to share with you my starting weight, in fact I’m still reeling from the horror of it. What I will share is that I have been following this plan for one week and on my weigh in yesterday I have found that I have lost 4,lb. I am so happy with this and it has really motivated me.


I confess the plan is really easy to follow but I am finding myself hungry, so I am in need of some healthy snacks that don’t include fruit (weird lady with texture issues). Any suggestions.


So there I go, my start of the journey to a new me, ok maybe a slightly used new me. But hopefully one I will be more happy with.


If you use twitter follow mine and the other bloggers journey at #WWBack2Best


*Yes weight watchers have gifted me an online membership for 6 months and also a hamper full of weight watchers goodies but all opinions are my own.




2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Back 2 Best

  1. Thanks for linking up – definately makes it easier to see who is writing what and where!!

    I think 4lbs is a FANTASTIC start, I am hoping for something similar myself next week, interestingly, I also have thyroid issues, take 175mg of thyroxine a day.

    Love S.A.M xoxo


  2. Well done you on your 4lbs loss and all the best with your continuing journey.

    Love the fact that the app is easy to use and when you feel hungry know that the diet is working and drink a pint of water, you’ll soon send that hunger pain flying


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