Grieving God’s Way – Margaret Brownley


How do I describe this book, Grieving God’s Way by Margaret Brawnily. I really haven’t the words maybe just stating that  “she gets it”  is the only way to come close.


This is a book which I will and already have returned to over and over again.


As a grieving parent I have read a few books on the journey of grief and they have left me wanting. This book is far from the usual its not telling you how you should feel or what stage to be at. Margaret has and still is walking the journey and she really gets it and I just wanted to hug her and say thank you.


I sometimes feel so alone on my journey of grief and yes each journey is different for everyone but at times reading this book I felt like screaming hallelujah someone gets me, someone really does understand.


The emotions, the cycles, the realisation that life will never be the same are all here in the pages of this book.


The author has shared her heart and in doing so has certainly eased mine,

Share the humour, the sadness  the emptiness and know that you are not alone.


Know that wherever you are God is with you and open you heart to his healing love.


Margaret reminds us in  her gentle way that God feels and shares our pain to, he understands when we are angry at him and holds us even closer.


Allowing ours to feel, allowing ourselves to grieve and giving us tools to move forward.


I do really recommend this book to anyone who has faced lost but also to anyone who needs that reminder of God’s love.

***I received this book free to review, all views are my own.

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