Dear Me


Dear Me


To be honest I’m not sure I want to step back to your time, to think, re live all that we faced. Yet I know in my heart that somehow we survived.


The secrets that we hide deep in our hearts are slowly being healed by our Saviour’s love.


How I wish I knew then what I know now, those endless nights of searching for love and acceptance would be no more.


Because we are surrounded by the greatest love ever, the love of our Father God.


Those nights where the journal was our only friend when the pain filled words scrawled across page after page, to then be ripped into millions of pieces just in case it was ever found and betrayed.


How I wish I could go back and tell you that alcohol is not the escape you think it is, after the oblivion reality is always still there.


How I wish I could wrap you up in my arms and tell you that you are so worth it, kiss away every one of those self-afflicted scars. The pain a temporary release of the anguish of your heart.


I can’t promise you a life of no more pain in fact at times your heart will be ripped into pieces, but I can promise you this…


You will never be alone again!


This is the heart of what hurts your soul, you feel so alone. But I promise you my dear broken soul, one day you will be restored.


Don’t give up.


You will learn to trust again.


You will learn to believe again.


You will dream again.


Through God’s amazing grace and the power of true love.


You will learn to love yourself again.


I promise


Me xxx


* To celebrate the release of her new book “Graceful” written for teenage girls, Emily Freeman invited us to write a letter to our teenage selves, giving ourselves the chance to remember what life was like when we were sixteen.  Find Emily at her fantastic blog Chatting at the Sky.

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