I sometimes think everything I do is in a state of unglued. I’m stumbling along this road called life. At times I feel so panicked I can hardly breathe.


But I have to find the courage, my voice, my place.


His voice the inner strength of his gentle words to my heart, ‘do not be afraid, I walk beside you.’

I need to focus, just one step at a time,

no wonder I’m falling down when I’m trying to carry the load all in one go.


A ‘to do’  list doesn’t say ‘to do all in one go’.


I need to take my time


To give myself  a break


And focus


On my pathway I do not walk alone.


One thought on “Focus

  1. Thanks for sharing your struggle with focus…I can relate to the pressure to do things all in one go…I liked the way you phrase by phrase brought the focus to the fact that we’re not alone


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