Disability is not our definition

Like most people,this week has seen me glued to the television for the Paralympic games.


I confess I have found myself sobbing on occasions.

Disability has obviously played a big role in my life from raising a disabled daughter to becoming disabled myself 5 years ago.

It took a long time for me to adapt to my new way of life. From being incredibly fit to being unable to walk 20 metres on bad days.

My disability defined me for a long time.

This is why myself and many others are inspired by the incredible paralympian. They have not allowed the disability to be who they are.
It’s their courage, their hearts, their strength that we see as we watch the games not their disability.

I still have a long journey to go towards acceptance of the new me, it wasn’t one I planned to be.

But what I have learned this week is that my illness doesn’t have to stop me.

I’m never going to be a paralympian athlete but my dreams are still there in my reach. I’m just having to take a different route to get there.


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