God will show the way.

I’m delighted to be joining back in with Bonnie’s faith jam. We missed you honey!


Sometimes I lie awake tossing and turning. My mind racing away, analyzing decisions then reanalyzing them.


I change my mind numerous times not knowing which is the right way.


Forwards, backwards, left or right.


Yet the truth is I forget to do the most important thing.


I forget to pray.


Jesus tells us not to worry, but how many hours do I waste to this evil?


Why aren’t I on my knees, why do I forget to pray?


Becoming a Christian meant I trust my life to God.


So why aren’t I showing him trust?


Why do I fall back into my own wicked ways?


I know and understand the core of my trust issues, but these cannot hold me back anymore.


I need to trust


I need to lean on the Lord


I need to open my heart


God will find a way.

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