We need a cure now

Sometimes I just want to scream, everywhere I go I find my memories. I cannot hide, should I want to hide?

I feel emotions from every angle, grief, anger, loss, fear.

Is it wrong to want to hide?

Facebook is full of the devastating news that another girl has lost their life to Rett syndrome in fact I found out that it’s another two.

Heaven is filling up too quick with our angels. It’s not right, it’s not fair. The cure needs to be found now!

Of course when I hear this tragic news my heart goes straight to the family. My heart aches as I know the pain they are facing, my heart still bear’s the burden of this pain.

Burden of pain, is it wrong to say that?

To be so exhausted of my emotions to be complete depleted by the endless pain.

I hate Rett syndrome with all my heart. It’s evil, it’s wicked. It’s the reason I cry myself to sleep most nights, it’s the reason I have to close my eyes and dream of holding my daughter again.

Please let’s have this cure now. Let my heart be filled with hope for my friends and their daughters.

Let my exhaustion become their exhilaration.


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