A price on pride

Oh my goodness whose idea was this long summer holiday. What started off in good grace is on the verge of meltdowns and tantrum’s and thats just us the parents.


My children are so bored but to be honest I can’t  afford to keep them occupied all the time, the little ones its not as hard but teenagers don’t really want to play on the park anymore. Its all cinemas, shopping trips all which involve money.


We are one of the lucky ones, thanks to our touring caravan we have been away for two of the last four weeks but still time is starting to drag on.


Im sure its time for school to return, NO another two weeks to go.


Thursday is “D” day in our home its GCSE results day, I can see my eldest getting more nervous as the week progresses. I’m sure she has done fine, I know she has tried her hardest and thats all a parent can really ask.


One thing I have been really confused by is the reward scheme some parents are offering for good grades. £50 for an A, £40 for a B and so on. I know it is down to personal choice but I want my daughter to work for herself, for her future, not for a monetary award. These GCSE results will get her a place in the 6th form of her choice. That should be the target.


I do worry about this, its already caused arguments in my home. I want my daughter to know i’m proud of her without my pride having a monetary value attached. I couldn’t afford to show my pride in her if this is the case.


I want my daughter to have ambition for the end result, the university degree, the job of her dreams.


Am I as she has suggested a little old fashioned?


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