An Amazing Week

What a week !

How can I put into words the amazing time I’ve had.

The friendships I’ve made, the chats I’ve had. The cuddles I’ve recieved.
Again this year I was nervous for camp. Worried that the memories would overflow.
It was incredible.
Yes memories have flowed but they have been shared and cherished.
The unveiling of the Livvys tea tent was beautiful. Also the surprise Livvys tea party was a great sucess. But then again have you ever known cream cakes and strawberries and cream fail to excite.
What I have really realised this week is that I’m different, that my faith has given me strength in ways I cannot express.
Even in my heartbreak I felt peace.
In my weakness I felt strength.
In my loneliness I felt comfort.
I’m a different person.
I am loved.
This knowledge has given me the courage to invest my heart again. To open up to others and in doing so I have had an amazing time.

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