Here I am again joining in with Lisa Jo’s five minute Friday and this week’s word is so apt for where I am right now.



We pulled up to the campsite many tents were already up, groups gathered together chatting, laughing children playing.


Look a little closer, do you see the wheelchairs, the feeding tubes?


We don’t for this one week we are all connected. Our world is one.


Our lives are normally so different to others here on this campsite we are the norm.


We understand


We support


We are together.


I have been part of this group of families with children with special needs for nearly 8 years.


Watching the children grow, the same children who used to put on plays and dance shows on the site are now in university or jobs.


A new generation are now practicing their steps.


It’s strange, it’s incredible, it’s amazing. My Special Kids in The UK family.


For me the meet up is full of special memories Livvy’s banner now has pride of place on the tea tent.


Yet here my memories aren’t shushed or aided by uncomfortable silences. Here they are greeted with laughter and love.


Here new memories are created everyday.


So right now on this camp field surrounded by over 60 families with children with disabilities.


I am happy


Here we all get it.


Here we are connected


Here is where my heart is.

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