I couldn’t do it.

Ok after my brave post yesterday talking about finding the courage to have a complete family photo taken.

I have to confess today that I chickened out.


My big speech about Livvy being in our hearts so actually in the photo couldn’t hold me.


As the time drew near for our photography session my courage failed.


I have some stunning photos of my girls and my foster child together but Alan and I just couldn’t join in for the complete family shot.


Our family isn’t complete.


Maybe I need to take baby steps and just get a snap taken of us all together not one that will be turned into a canvas.


Maybe I just don’t know.


Some of you may think I’m a wimp but I’m hoping most of you will understand.


It’s hard, this grief journey is one of ups and downs and many twists and turns.


Sometimes I find my way.


Today I got lost.

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