Family Photo

I love being behind the lens of my camera, capturing my girls in natural and sometimes very unnatural poses, but one thing I have shied away from doing is a complete family portrait.

I am so scared that seeing us all together will make the absent of Livvy all the more apparent or the more real.
Yet nearly four years on I’m beginning to think that it’s time, that maybe now I can celebrate the family I have without seeing it as a disrespect to Livvy.
To be honest I think I had to make this step forward, a few months ago Brodie asked me for a family photo and I actually felt sick at the thought. But the truth is my girls deserve a memory of these moments, of this time.
We can not go back and my girls deserve, I deserve to celebrate this life, these days.
So maybe in the coming weeks I may be brave enough to ask someone to take that family snap.
Truth be told, Livvy will always be part of this family and is there In our hearts, so in reality she will be in the photo anyway.

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