Mirror Mirror released on DVD & Blu-ray

This week see’s the release of the film “Mirror Mirror” to DVD and Blu – Ray.  Mirror Mirror is an exciting adaptation of a well loved fairy tale.


The visual aspect of this film was stunning, from the costumes to the scenery it was to quote my 11 year old “AWESOME.”


It was really great to see the way the movie had changed around some of the major roles from the story tale. To not give any spoilers away the change around gave the film a fun and slightly girl power vibe. Which of course went down well in a house full of girls.


Snow White was a great role model for girls as she is clever and brave and wasn’t waiting for the Prince to save her. She was feisty and full of determination.


Julia Roberts as the evil queen was a just perfect she gave the role the right amount of evil to the right amount of humour.

This film did have us laughing out loud at parts.

The changeover of the roles gave the film an interesting concept though at times it did leave us all a little lost especially my 12 year old who struggled to keep up.

It was a fun, visually beautiful film that I do recommend, it is rated PG but do wonder if younger children will be able to keep up.

But for me with a hours full of tweens and teens it was a great success and a perfect way to keep them occupied though the summer.

Mirror Mirror is out and available to buy now. 






* We were sent a free copy for review but all opinions are mine and that of my family.

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