I thought it was supposed to be easy


I  was convinced into buying our tourer caravan by the phrases, “its so easy” “so much better than the tent” “home from home”.


Well somehow we have gone wrong.


Every holiday starts with me feeling so stressed I just don’t want to go. I’m ready to just stay in the comfort of my own home and give up  on holidays all together.


The idea behind having the same setting for our autistic foster son is fantastic but this doesn’t help when as soon as he sees you getting prepared he has a complete melt down from excitement. 


A husband that decides that the night before you leave is the perfect time to wash both the car and caravan is not helpful at all. To be honest I wouldn’t have minded if he had checked the electrics, water etc beforehand, you know the really useful things. The concept of washing a car to drive over a field is a one completely lost on me.


So as you can imagine as I had spend hours last night ironing and preparing meals I was a little peeved to say the least this morning to find him searching for towing mirrors and checking electrics.




Caravanning is supposed to be easy so what are we doing so wrong?


Why am I so frustrated I could scream?


Is it simply just the fact that my husband deserved to be strangled or are there ways of getting prepared a lot easier?


Anyway we didn’t find the towing mirror and had to go buy another one but thankfully, the journey is over and we are at the campsite. 


The water pump is playing up, it took us an hour to find the kettle but we are here and as the sun sets over an amazing view, I am slowly relaxing and hopefully will enjoy a stress free few days.


Ok who am i kidding, hopefully I will enjoy a less stressful few days.


Oh and before I forget, we dropped into the camp my two teenagers are staying at with their church group. The look on their faces when they thought we had followed them on holiday, was priceless. In fact we are only twenty minutes away but besides dropping off some forgotten items I am staying well away. While they may think it is a parents free week I am enjoying my teen free week more.

Now if I could just lose the husband.


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