End of an Era

I watched my daughters school play today, it was based on the Olympics and was really good and very humorous. My husband, I and my mom had a great time.


Yet as I was sitting there watching the stage full of year 6 I was struck by the fact that this week brings an end to an era for us known as primary education.


This week I have watched my last primary school play, will attend my last leavers service and will soon be doing my final school run.


All my babies are actually now fully fledged senior school children. How in the world did that happen?


It only feels like yesterday I was crying on the school playground as I  watched my daughter enter the classroom for her first day at school, 7 years on, here I am.


Now I’m going to say this all loosely because as you all know I dream of adoption so if my dreams become reality one day I will be doing this all again, though of course a little different as I will hopefully one day adopt a special needs child.


But I’m regressing again in the here and now this is a big thing for me, no more school runs, no more school playground politics this it.


I will be waving all four off at the door in September.


What shall I do with the time?


Will I use the time saved by not having to do the school run to stay on top of the housework? 


Yeah like thats going to happen.


Maybe I will get my paperwork in order and blog posts out on time.


Errrrmmm, we will see.


I haven’t a clue, to be honest the time will probably get lost in the norm.


The real thing I have to get my head around is that my baby is no longer a baby.


She is off to senior school.


Not sure I like the idea of her being in that big place surrounded by those evil beings we call teenagers.


No seriously ,I’m not that worried she has had plenty of practice with her sisters.


Senior school is going to be a great thing for Brodie, her desire to learn is great so hopefully this will encouraged and nurtured.


As for me I will be a brave mommy and wont cry as I stand on that playground for the last time. Wont blubber all the way through the leaving service even when she sings her solo.


I will be a brave mommy who looks forward to the freedom of no school runs and the opportunity to stay in my pjs all morning and catch an extra hour in bed.

Ok maybe thats a big fib, I will be sobbing and refusing to accept my baby is growing up, but isn’t that a mothers right?


Always my baby


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