Booksneeze Review – Heaven is for real for kids

Sometimes you come across a book that you want to share and Heaven is for Real was one of those books for me. As a parent who has lost a child the hope I took from this book really blessed me. So when Booksneeze gave me the chance to review Heaven is for Real for Kids I jumped at the chance.

The children’s version of this book was like a gift that I got to open with my daughter. The illustrations are truly beautiful and Colton’s account of heaven was broken down into a truly wonderful and fantastic way.


My daughter was transfixed from the first page, she was so excited to read each page. The imagery created by the words and pictures simply took her away.


The book was written in such a way that children would benefit. The questions that children ask about heaven were explained in a way that they could understand.


I loved the adult version of this book and my daughter loved this Kids version. I have found her just sitting reading through it again and again.


Its a book that shows the love of Jesus to us all, how our loved ones are waiting there in heaven for us and that death has no fear. It has been such a comfort to us all.

I really recommend this book for those who have suffered a loss and want to understand but also for anyone who wants to be reminded of what a wonderful place Heaven is.


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