The Famous Curry Bazaar

Last Saturday night I made my first visit to the famous Brick Lane. After a busy and intense day myself and few friends were starving a looking for a place to grab a nice meal.


We happened upon a young man outside the restaurant The Famous Curry Bazaar. Straight away I loved the energy and personality of this man as he explained to us that if we wanted great food this was the place to be.


So after some negotiation i.e., a free round of beers we agreed to eat at the restaurant and write him a review. I mean we are awesome writers as you well know.


Curry Bazar is a light and airy restaurant with staff that made you feel welcome.


We all started with popadoms, salad, mint sauce and chucknys.


I followed with sheek kebab starters and a main meal of chicken tikka masala (yes I’m very adventurous ). 


The others had a selection of meals including prawn purée, and lamb dansak.


Of course I can only speak for myself but honestly it was one of the best Indian meals I’ve ever had.


The sheek kebabs melted in my mouth and the Masela was the perfect mix of spices and not to intense. 


To be honest I am a lousy food reviewer simply because I cannot find the right words to describe to you the quality, texture of the food.


All I can say is that my plate was empty at the end. I ate every last bit of meal as it was absolutely gorgeous.


I had a fantastic evening at the Curry Bazaar the staff were pleasant and helpful, even being willing to take photos of us all.


The food was hot and plentiful and totally yummy.


All in all it was a great night. I do recommend this restaurant and next time I’m back in London I hope to visit again.




For this review we did all get a free round of drinks and 20% off the bill. This is no way affected my opinions they are completely honest and my own.


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