Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen years ago I became a mom for the first time. After an eventful labour I was presented with a beautiful baby girl.


You were so cute, so chunky and looked like a boxer, it was easy to see  in your spirit that you were going to take on the world.

Sixteen years later you are a beautiful young lady, so determined and strong. You see what you want and you go for it so whole heartily.


This year especially has been one where you have really grown both in height (finally) and strength.

You have made me so proud the way you have studied hard for your GCSE’s preparing yourself,  devising your own study timetable and canceling nights out. So grown up, so incredible. Whatever the results I am so proud of you. 


Watching you change and find your own personality has been a blessing for me. 


Your voice is amazing and every time I hear you sing I get goosepumps, never stop using your voice it a gift that needs to be shared.




Sometimes I miss the days when you were little you were my shadow and I loved it. I’m slowly learning to let go a little at a time. Hey I’m even getting used to the fact you have a boyfriend!


You may be celebrating your 16th today, but never forget you will always be my baby. My first born, my KK.


Happy Birthday sweet sixteen Kennedy.



Wishing you a life time full of love and happiness and never give up on your dreams as Dad and I are right behind you all the way.





P.S When did i get old enough to have a sixteen year old daughter.

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